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2br 2ba. Condo Available Now
(see photos below)
11 blocks from the beach.
2 Covered Parking Spots (extremely rare in Long Beach)
$1,550 per month (includes water, electric, trash, gas).
3% down.

Also includes large patio, your own private indoor laundry room as well as public laundry room, wood floor, utilities included.

Beverly Lofts: 1919 E. Beverly Way, Long Beach.

(Beverly & Cherry)

Look at the pictures below, drive by the property and check out the neighborhood. If you are interetested in seeing more, then call 1.858.206.2135 and leave your name and number so I can call you back to schedule an appointment with you.


Here is how the program works: You pay a small down payment to purchase an option to buy the property. The option is usually good for 18 months (but can be 1 year or 2 years). During that time period you are leasing the condo. You get to live in the home, try out the neighborhood, get to know your neighbors. If you like everything you can exercise your option to purchase the property at anytime within your lease period.

When you make the decision to finally buy the house, your option payment and a big portion of your lease payments act as your down payment on the home. Take a look at all the benefits available to you when you use a Rent To Own Program to purchase your home.

  • No closing costs, credit check not usually required.
  • Portion of your rent payment goes towards your principle. You are actually building a down payment, if and when you decide to buy.
  • Sale price is locked in at today's value
  • You get appreciation benefits. As the home values rises, you build equity while you rent.
  • You only need 3% down instead of the 20% or more banks now require.
  • Your monthly payments are much lower, yet you receive most all the same benfits as a homeowner who purchased a home.
  • You can try before you buy.

Take a look at this chart and compare Rent To Own vs Purchasing on a condo priced at $250,000:

Rent To Own    Home Purchase
Free 1-Year Home Warranty:YESYES
Down Payment:$6,550*$53,125*
Monthly Payment:$1,550$1,199
Mo. Property Tax Payment:$0$260
Mo. Utilities:$0$150
Mo. HOA:$0$225
Mo. Amount Applied To Principle:$300$203
*Purchase based on 20% down plus roughly $3,125 in closing costs.
Rent To Own based on $5,000 option fee plus first months rent.

After eighteen months of rent you get a $5,400 credit off the purchase price PLUS your initial deposit of $5,000 brings your balance down to $229,600. If the current housing mess is finally over in a year and a half from now, you will be strategically placed to buy the home at a wholesale price and be in position to ride the wave up. If the economy goes further down the toilet and 18 months from now everything is HELL, you don't have to buy anything. You can just keep on leasing or go your merry way.

If you need a house to live in, a place for you, your family, your pets, and all your stuff to call home, AND you want a payment that is low like a rental payment, AND you want the option to buy in the future after the economy has had a chance to recover.. this is the program for you.

I have a beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bath home with 1014 sq. feet. It has recently undergone a complete remodel so there is no work needed on your part. Just move in and enjoy.

If this sounds like a program you would be interested in, you want a home but have less than perfect credit, and you have the required down payment then drive by the property at the address above. If you like what you see, call me at: 1-949-945-7128 I would love to talk to you and answer all your questions.

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